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Assessment of the use of spent copper slag for land reclamation

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Geopolymers mixes were fabricated from Metakaolin MK and Blast Furnace Slag BFS waste material in the presence of sodium hydroxide and sodium silicate which were used as alkali activators. To optimize the suitable amount of slag, eleven batches were designed, mixed and homogenized for 30 min. To determine the suitable amount of liquid required for pasting, normal consistency and setting time were determined.

The physico-mechanical properties at different curing ages i. X-ray diffraction and scanning electron microscope were used to investigate phase composition and microstructure. To guarantee forming geopolymer gel and to check its amount, HCl extraction test was performed. The results revealed that calcium-rich slag BFS accelerated the hardening process and decreased the alkaline liquid consistency. For geopolymer without BFS, two phases, namely; un-reacted metakaolin and geopolymer gel were formed.

The bulk density was increased with increasing BFS and curing time. This is exactly what Open Access Journals provide and this is the reason why I support this endeavor. Open Access publishing is therefore of utmost importance for wider dissemination of information, and will help serving the best interest of the scientific community.

Occurrence of Apatite in Slag

Definition: granulated blast-furnace slag that has been finely ground and that is hydraulic cement. E-3 13 Cementitious Materials for Concrete. Slag in Concrete Definition: granulated blast-furnace slag that has been finely ground and that is hydraulic cement. Various types of slag are produced: – Blast-furnace slag—The nonmetallic product, consisting essentially of silicates and aluminosilicates of calcium and of other bases, that is developed in a molten condition simultaneously with iron in a blast furnace.

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Rasmussen, K. L., Rahbek, U., & Voss, O. (). Radiocarbon dating of the iron production in slag-pit furnaces in Jutland. Journal of Danish Archaeology, (14).

This task is dedicated to pre-concentration of the material streams by physical and physico-chemical separation technologies mineral processing. Several separation techniques will be tested on the representative investigated sample of slag. The proposed innovative techniques will significantly increase the selectivity and recovery rate. Main objectives of this task are:. Magnetic separation will be tested on the crushed slag in dry and wet technologies, using low and high intensity magnetic separators at BRGM in order to recover metals droplets and metal-oxides containing minerals.

Furthermore, an innovative dry multipolar magnetic separator, which is to date the most efficient magnetic separator, will be tested. This equipment was designed to create a strong agitation of particles that allows the release of non-magnetic particles, which are entrapped with the magnetic fraction, leading to the production of a magnetic fraction of a good quality. Finally, a new wet magnetic separation process with high intensity magnets 2Teslas will be tested on fine particles of slags in water.

Task 3.2. – Processing of recovered slag metal fractions (M12-M18)

Historical Version s – view previous versions of standard. More C This specification covers three strength grades of finely ground granulated blast-furnace slag Grades 80, , and for use as a cementitious material in concrete and mortars. The slag shall contain no additions and shall conform to the sulfide sulfur and sulfate chemical composition requirement.

Until comparatively recently, the use of Basic Oxygen Steel Slag (BOS) as an sites was made in each year to make visual inspections of the surface In this project to date, each site has been tested with SCRIM three times a year for five.

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Optimization of Slag Content and Properties Improvement of Metakaolin-slag Geopolymer Mixes. To optimize the suitable amount of slag, eleven batches were designed, mixed and First Page: 40 Electronic publication date: 31/07/​

The aim of this project is to demonstrate the recovery of zinc, lead and other valuable metals from zinc-lead blast furnace slags using less energy than that needed to extract them from their conventional raw materials. This will be achieved by fitting a plasma torch to an extended section of the blast furnace forehearth. A carbonaceous reducing agent will be added to the electrically heated slag to reduce the zinc and lead oxides to produce metals which will evaporate to form vapours that will then be condensed to liquid metal.

The project involves modifying a zinc-lead blast furnace by building a transferred arc plasma torch into the totally enclosed blast furnace fore hearth. An electric arc is struck between the plama torch electrode and the slag stream. The majority of the arc energy is liberated at the arc-slag terminus producing a temperature of around deg c. A carbonaceous reducant such as coke breeze is added to the slag to reduce the zinc oxide to metallic zinc vapour.

This vapour is condensed from the exhaust gases in a zinc splash condenser. This could be further reduced by raising the temperature and bubbling an inert gas through the slag. Modifications in the programme were made concerning the plasma power source and associated cabling, as well as the form of the product which will be zinc metal for whichthere is a potential market available.

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Radiocarbon dating of the iron production in slag-pit furnaces in Jutland

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Metallurgical furnace slag or metallurgical furnace slag contaminated natural excavated years from the date which these wastes are disposed of off site.

Haustein, M. Slag is often the only relic of early pyrometallurgical processes. In archaeological research information about the age of slag deposits is needed and difficult to obtain with traditional methods. Thermoluminescence has a great potential in this field, because the smelting process leads to a well defined resetting of the ‘Luminescence Clock’. Metallurgical slag generally consists of many components, artificial secondary minerals, e.

Primary minerals, called relics, are also components of slag. Such a complex composition leads to large difficulties in paleodose determination if the bulk slag is used. To overcome these problems defined phases of the slag have been separated. Paleodose determination has been carried out on separated quartz fractions by ‘Single Aliquot Regeneration’ procedures using the nm emission. The dose rate was determined by high-resolution gamma spectrometry.

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