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Scroll Down to View our Collection. Iris Herringbone Depression Glass. Thank you for visiting the Glass Menagerie Antiques and Collectibles site. The Jeannette company existed from and closed for good in All bases in the original production lines had a “rayed” base pattern as well. Iris was issued in a clear or “crystal” glass starting in and continued into the Depression years. Almost 40 different tableware items were produced including plates, bowls of every size, teacups, candlesticks, refreshment pitcher and glass sets, dessert sets, cordials and other stemware, covered butter, even a glass and metal nut bowl and ruffled glass shades for the ceiling fixtures. These items are considered Very Scarce and can bring high prices if found in good condition.

The ABC’s of Early American Pattern Glass

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Collecting Depression Glass

Although color is one of the more obvious and relatively easy to describe attributes of a historic bottle, it is unfortunately of limited utility in classifying a bottle as to age or type. Although classification by colour is simple to do, the end result is of little value for the following reasons: colour does not have a direct relation with glass type the common green, amber, and brown glass colours can occur in soda, potash, and lime glasses; many lead glasses are coloured ; colour is not related to the technology of glass object production i.

Given these factors there is little justification for using colour as a means of classification. There is a very broad chronology of popularity of various colours over time; however that chronology cannot be applied to individual glass objects with any significant level of meaning Glass Color – How does it occur? The purer the sand i.

Collector’s Encyclopedia of Depression Glass, 19th Edition [Florence, Gene, Florence, Every edition has included new information and up to date prices.

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From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. File information. Structured data. Captions English Add a one-line explanation of what this file represents. If you enjoy my work, and would like to see more, please subscribe to my profile on Facebook. Description Fluorescent Uranium Depression Glass.

Collecting Depression Glass for Beginners

Uranium Glass? We all know about Depression Glass , right? Call Studio Antiques now at to see what is presently in the shop! Movie theaters would give it away as a premium for coming to the pictures. Food companies, like Quaker Oats , might have placed it in a box of food as a gift for buying their item.

Depression glass was made roughly from the late s to about , covering Although this glass passes the test for date, patterns, sets and colors, it was.

Depression glass is clear or colored translucent glassware. Some food manufacturers and distributors wanted to put up an incentive to boost their sales, so they came up with the idea of including a piece of glassware in food boxes. Notable among this company was one of the leading donors of Depression Glass. Movie theaters and businesses also hand out a piece of depression on entering into their offices. We are on open community of depression glass collectors and enthusiasts.

Please feel free to contact us and send in photos and questions. We are the official website for all this fun within this great American glass ware. The glass name was derived from the period of time it was manufactured and handed out. It was around the time of the Great Depression.

Heisey Glass Patterns and Pieces

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The Federal Glass Company produced pressed glass, more commonly referred to as “Depression Glass” in Columbus Ohio. The company was founded in ,​.

Antique glass is a popular option for home restoration projects. The beauty and imperfections of antique glassware and windows are what make restored historical homes look genuine. Did you know there are several types of antique glass? It can be difficult to distinguish one from another or to identify authentic antiques from modern replicas.

The process of creating a pane of cylinder glass involves blowing into a blowpipe with a ball of molten glass on the end while swinging the blowpipe down into a pit until the glass elongates and reaches the desired length and diameter. At this point, the glass resembles a cylinder, which must be cooled, marked, reheated, and flattened into a sheet.

Crown glass is another option for antique window glass in historic homes. The pontil leaves a signature bullseye center on the glass with concentric rings that distort images when you look through it. Carnival glass is a type of pressed, iridescent glassware treated with metallic spray. Its name stems from the fact that these brightly colored cups, vases, goblets, and plates were often given out as prizes at carnivals.

Depression glass

Basically, this is a catch-all phrase for a general type of inexpensive glassware, in clear or colors, that was sold or given away as premiums during the late s into the early s. Much of so-called Depression glass for sale on online auction sites is actually reproduction glass, made in Asia during the last few years, even being imported today! Large quantities of true Depression glass was made, by about 20 different glass companies, and virtually all of these manufacturers were located in the Midwest or eastern United States.

The most common and popular colors produced were light to medium green, pink, and amber usually a light yellow-amber , along with clear glass. Colors that were made in lesser quantities, and thus are harder to find, include amethyst, true yellow canary , cobalt blue, opaque black may appear intense purple when held to the light , jadeite an opaque or translucent green , white milkglass, and red.

Pink Depression glass made it’s high point from the late twenties into the To date, I have seen or heard of the following pieces (sorry, don’t have ounce sizes or.

In the early ‘s the first “wave” of depression glass was coming into vogue to collect. Pink Depression glass made it’s high point from the late twenties into the mid-thirties, with a quick resurgence in the late ‘s. Made by all the glass companies at the time, pink was cast in many hues, from light pink to almost a dark peachy pink, depending on how long the glass companies let their batch glass “cook” and what quality controls were in place for color stabilization. Machine molded, pink depression came in hundreds of shapes, mold etchings, and pieces.

I one time knocked a mug off a tall safe top onto a tile floor and the piece bounced and didn’t break or chip Rosaline plates stack well against themselves, just like how nicely Corelle ware stacks and is a great alternative to using paper plates at parties because they are light enough, durable and people can stack food without the piece folding on them like paper plates do.

The only thing is you have to wash them afterward GRIN. Over time, the dishwasher leaves a sort of whitish cast to the glass, really from destroying the finish with water jet action.

Uranium Glass, Vaseline and Depression Glasses

You can assemble a complete dinner set plus candle holders, candy dish, vase. The accessory pieces tend to be expensive. Adam has not been reproduced. Colors: Colors of the era. Adams Rib is not well known which is a shame since it has a refined elegant look. The design is narrow ribs with smooth bands near the rim.

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Depression Glass refers to a style of colored, molded glassware produced in the s, 30s and 40s. The term Depression Glass was coined by collectors decades after these products were sold and there is no single, precise definition. It is generally understood to mean the inexpensive dinnerware sets offered by about 20 United States manufacturers. These items were distributed through smaller discount stores dime stores and were also given away as premiums with the purchase of cereal, groceries, gasoline, movie tickets and more.

Although the quality of Depression Glass was not as exacting as more the more expensive, upscale glass lines of the time, the patterns were frequently intricate and elegant with a range of rich coloring. Royal Doulton Figurines Value Guide Artful, detailed, and manufactured to the highest standards, Royal Doulton figurines are among the most sought after by collectors. Carnival Glass Value Guide Prices for a wide range of collectible vintage and modern carnival glass.

Features figurines, plates, die cast models, pewter, coins and more. Collecting Antique Glass Valuable tips for new and experienced collectors alike on such topics as what collectors value, how to care for glass, and how to spot fakes and forgeries. Glass – A Collector’s Guide to the History and Craft Throughout much of history glass has been a precious commodity; as valuable as gemstones, sought by the wealthy and powerful, and the secrets of its manufacture closely guarded.

This overview for collectors provides valuable insight into how glass is made and important milestones in the history of the craft. Provides information on stylistic and technical contributions as well as significant manufactures and artists. Glass, Westmoreland.

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Depression glass collections are beloved for their beauty more than their rarity and value. Depression glass expert Carolyn Robinson, owner of White Rose Glassware and a board member of the National Depression Glass Association, shares the history of and tips for collecting these amazing pieces. Depression era glassware is a very important part of the history of the Depression Era.

Depression glass is clear or colored translucent machine made glassware that was distributed free, or at low cost, in the United States and Canada around the.

While Depression Glass is noted for its unique array of colors and patterns, perhaps its most attractive feature is its extraordinary history. Depression Glass brings to mind s-era America, when families struggled to put dinner on the table, let alone serve it on a fancy platter. At the time, these pieces cost no more than a loaf of bread— about a nickel. With just five cents, families could add a little cheer to their homes on the cheap. Today, just as in the past, Depression Glass has the ability to inspire and brighten up even the darkest of days.

A brief history: At the turn of the 20th century, glassmaking was an art form and a luxury limited to upper class families.

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