At that time, it was announced that the filmmakers were in conversation with other legacy cast members. Principal photography is set to begin in the late summer in Washington D. Paramount will market and distribute the film worldwide. Sequels hit theaters in , and , and have starred actors like Neve Campbell, Cox, Arquette and Liev Schreiber. The Halloween season is the best time to binge-watch frightening and down right disturbing movies. But there are also some horror films that — without meaning to — might just make you laugh, or grimace, because they fail to scare. Here are 23 horror movies that probably won’t make you scream. A horror film turned dark comedy starring Emilio Estevez, “Maximum Overdrive” exemplifies why Stephen King has not directed a horror movie since Taking place in a small North Carolina town, the film explores the chaos that ensues when daily household machines, from lawn-mowers to big-rig trucks, seek to exact murderous revenge on the human race.

‘Scream’ Relaunch Sets January 2022 Release Date

The Next Generation of Filmmakers Film Festival also known as NGF Film Festival for short, was founded by college students from Orange Coast College 4 years ago in hopes of providing a platform for student filmmakers to showcase their films on the big screen. This festival aims to give students a unique experience of first-class film festivals, giving them a chance to promote their work by networking, and supplying them with enriching educational opportunities. NGF continues to be run by college students from different colleges, who are passionate about this film festival providing a memorable experience to artists that are the next generation of filmmakers introducing new forms of art.

We have extended our submission deadline because we have a set venue and date for the festival. We appreciate the patience and will be announcing notifications soon!

Meanwhile, her year-old boyfriend of eight years, filmmaker Noah One of the advantages of directors dating each other, however, is that.

By Peter White. Dating app Bumble is getting closer to making its mark in the content game after narrowing down the shortlist for its female film fund. It has narrowed this down to ten filmmakers with five of them set to be revealed in August, with their films launching in January. The film industry has been in the spotlight for many months and although there has been a great deal of change and positive steps in the right direction, there is still a long way to go.

We need parity across the industry. We need to see more stories by women, about women and told by women. We have loved consulting with various formidable women across the film industry to decide on this shortlist, to invite to our pitch day at the end of July. We cannot wait to meet you all. You are incredible. You have made us laugh and cry, and we are so excited to help bring some of your film ideas to life.

Everything You Need to Know About ‘Westworld’ Season 3

Festival producer Lloyd Komesar, who founded the event last year as a way to showcase up-and-coming talent, says the festival received submissions this year, a 15 percent jump over the first year. Middlebury alumna Sharon Lesser Maguire, class of , wrote and produced the short film Drug Mule , which will be screened on Friday, August 26, at p.

The festival will screen a film by Andrew Baker, who graduated from Middlebury in , on Saturday, August 27, at a. Director Maya Albanese also has a Middlebury connection, having grown up in the area and attended the Middlebury School in France in Her documentary short Blind Date will be screened on Saturday, August 27, at a. The film explores the challenges for blind people of navigating the world of online dating.

First-time feature filmmaker Samuel Van Grinsven opens with that declarative statement “A Homosexual Film”, possibly as a warning, though in.

As streaming services pour billions of dollars into original content to satisfy their subscribers’ insatiable lust for new movies and shows, documentaries — like nearly every genre — have flourished. Rarely hits at the box office, nonfiction narratives are particularly well-suited to on-demand viewing, offering those who spend hours binge-watching lighter fare the rare opportunity to feel like they’re learning something as they sit on the couch.

We’re not going to focus on them, because that would be a dumb list! Instead, below you’ll find the best documentaries of the year including docuseries, the form that may have benefited more than any other from the streaming revolution. You’ll find streaming hits, obscure treasures, and theatrical releases, but they all share one common trait: They’ll help you better understand the world, for better or for worse. Check out the best of , , and Want more recommendations like this?

Bundy may have been a ruthless serial killer, but somehow law enforcement failed to catch him, allowed him to escape TWICE, and wound up convicting him in Florida thanks to some flimsy evidence and a showboating prosecutor. The tapes referenced in the title come from a journalist who interviewed a cagey Bundy on death row, but are ultimately secondary to the treasure trove of archival footage Berlinger intersperses throughout a relatively conventional docuseries peppered with talking heads — one of whom survived a Bundy attack, and is one of the more revelatory figures in the doc.

The convicted man eventually opens up a bit when he begins referring to his crimes in the third person, but, like most serial killers, he’s impossible to relate to, and you wind up learning little about what makes him tick.

A Rare Look Inside Trump’s Immigration Crackdown Draws Legal Threats

The monthly screenings aside, the group was social, a way to meet people in a sometimes unfriendly town, in the days before meeting people like yourself happened online, and quickly, and often. In some ways the films we screened were irrelevant against the social interactions, which was good because gay cinema was pretty bloody awful. That’s a sweeping negative statement though at the time it felt pretty accurate. I remember a conversation among the committee that selected the films to be screened, with me asking, “Why would we screen this film, it’s terrible,” and receiving the reply, “Yes, but

8 Reasons You Should Never Date A Filmmaker · 1. Let me start by saying we’re all nuts. · 2. We’re going to actually watch the movie instead of.

Like most everything in the time of coronavirus, the Middlebury New Filmmakers Festival will look a lot different this year. Due to the COVID pandemic, the sixth edition of the fest, which focuses on the work of first- and second-time filmmakers, will be held entirely online. It marks a dramatic change for an event that puts a premium on audience interaction and saw 60 filmmakers make the trip to Middlebury last year.

The streaming festival launches on Thursday, August 27, and runs through September 3. Besides computers and mobile devices, the online watch portal is accessible through Apple TV 4K and Roku devices. One “guardrail” the festival programmers encountered was the duration of exhibition, with 12 of the 26 features available for only four days instead of the full eight days of the fest. Certain films have a limited number of streams total views on the low end and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

And 12 films are subject to geo-blocking and can’t be viewed outside the U. One of the titles limited to Vermont viewing is For the Love of Rutland , a documentary that follows a Marble City mother struggling to raise a family while overcoming an opioid addiction. Directed by Jennifer Maytorena Taylor, who lived in the Rutland area for part of her childhood, the film also probes the community schism that formed in when then-mayor Chris Louras announced a plan to resettle Syrian and Iraqi refugees in the city.

This year, Komesar notes, 33 shorts will be packaged into six thematic programs in an effort to maximize views in the virtual space.

My Dating Nightmare: Guy Was A Holier-Than-Thou Homophobe

In early , as Immigration and Customs Enforcement prepared to carry out the hard-line agenda on which President Trump had campaigned, agency leaders jumped at the chance to let two filmmakers give a behind-the-scenes look at the process. But as the documentary neared completion in recent months, the administration fought mightily to keep it from being released until after the election. Some of the contentious scenes include ICE officers lying to immigrants to gain access to their homes and mocking them after taking them into custody.

One shows an officer illegally picking the lock to an apartment building during a raid. But the filmmakers observed numerous occasions in which officers expressed satisfaction after being told by supervisors to arrest as many people as possible, even those without criminal records.

Take a look back at actors who’ve romanced their directors. Rosario Dawson and Danny Boyle started dating after they wrapped production.

My Dating Nightmare Ever gone on a date with a raging homophobe? If so, you’ll know how painfully awkward it is. If not, this woman will walk you through her bad experience, with no details spared. Together with The Single Society, we bring you the latest tale of dating debauchery in NYC, where women attempt to navigate their way through the minefield of lunatics out there, to try and find the one.

It’s not easy, but hey, at least bad dates make great stories, right? Add to Chrome. Sign in. News Break App. New York, NY. Simon Jesus Connecticut. New York, NY News 12 10d.

LP Festival streams series online

Jul Still Gay 31 Jul, Posted By: Gorilla Web. Assuming that there must be others like them, they decide to pursue love interests in an attempt to have their first queer experiences.


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CONVERSATIONS IN NEW YORK: Dating, Love & Kindness