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Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. We’re still digging into this issue but it’s a tough one as we can’t see where the matchmaking Helldivers is using P2P directly However the filters are not. Matchmaking issues in Helldivers will be This is unfortunately not an easy fix and will take a while. Helldivers matchmaking not working – That’s because if the main part of your game breaks for several days; it will infuriate the community. Helldivers has a very sensitive scale for shooting your automatic weapons to allow you precise controls if you want to shoot single shots or full auto. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Submit a new link. I have an issue where I can”t fire in full auto mode so I cant use the flame thrower or the LMG I was having fun playing the game by just tapping R2 but that becomes pretty straining on the thumb Any feedback would help pls. You can see other weapons in the same class by scrolling to the right when selecting primary weapon.

(PlayStation 4) Helldivers

It addresses several of the issues you have come across and reported. Rest assured that we are continuing to work hard to fix any issues not yet updated with this patch, but they do require a little more time. The cross-play feature is working as intended across the different platforms, but we are trying to find a way so that you are able to more easily find and play with friends.

It is not something we can fix overnight, but we are working on a smoother experiece! At the same time you receive new ones to give out.

It addresses several of the issues you have come across and reported. an advanced system integrated into the entire matchmaking process.

I tried for a few hours, but it kept migrating host when I joined then plopping me into offline mode. I tried making my own game with public set, but nobody came. I even made sure to drop the SOS thingy. For future reference about cross play: I finished the tutorial and it still acted like a new account. However when I finished it, I was out of wifi range.

Once I returned and went to the bridge it synced the save. It is worth mentioning that I was online via wifi when I started the tutorial.

List of known issues!

Featuring a propaganda trailer opening that feels like it was lifted out of the classic movie Starship Troopers, Helldivers spins a tale of a somewhat dystopian-feeling “Super Earth,” where “managed democracy” has ensured freedom and liberty for all. However, before you have time to read between the lines and wonder exactly what kind of a future this particular really is, the narrative swiftly moves on to the threats that are putting it in jeopardy. And that’s three alien races that are essentially creating a tri-front war, with Super Earth beset on all sides by the tyranny and evil of the Cyborgs, Bugs and Illuminate – each a major threat to Super Earth’s way of life.

Arrowhead Game Studios’ HELLDIVERS originated as a PlayStation game A game with such a cooperative focus needs good matchmaking, and As promised, a Day One Update from Guerilla addressed these issues.

The more players conquer, the more they earn individual recognition as war heroes as well as contribute to the Galactic Campaign. Not only will they put up a tough resistance on the planets, they also occasionally go on the offensive, initiating double-experience events that can result in Earth losing ground if Helldivers fail to push them back. To ensure that the conquest train rolls on unabated, you can call on the aid of fellow players before or during a mission. Multiplayer games can be engaged during a mission by sending out an S.

Missions can be played solo for as long as you are able to repel the waves of enemies. Each map is patrolled by alien squads that lurk around key areas. These areas are typically those spots that host the objectives needed to complete the mission. Objectives vary—to a degree.

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Helldivers is a very good game. The focus on being a more strategic top-down shooter gives it an identity, as does the high mortality rate due to friendly fire. Whether you play solo or with friends, the game remains exciting once you gain access to more guns and stratagems. Though the missions can quickly become repetitive, the contributions made to an overall goal keep things enticing.

when trying to connect via the the matchmaking screen in the ships hub. Sucks I know but it’s the only time there are connection issues.

Guns, aliens, and air support all change the actual play tremendously. Cooking bugs, that is. Over-the-top propaganda, gory firefights, and a never-ending alien bug menace are delivered superbly in Helldivers. Remarkably, it seems more inspiration was actually taken from the book itself rather than the movie. For those of you unfamiliar with anything I mentioned in the last two paragraphs, and to maybe make things a little more clear for those of you who are, Helldivers is a top-down twin-stick shooter.

Before you drop down to the planet to complete your mission, you can customize the way you fight. There are a slew of weapons, perks, and stratagems to choose from to make each player feel unique. In addition, you can change various parts of your outfit as well. As you rank up and complete missions, new pieces of equipment are unlocked.

The stratagems are really where the game shines. By inputting a quick code via the d-pad, your character can summon support such as air strikes, personal UAVs, turrets, and even exo-suits. In a 4-player scenario this is important, especially in Helldivers. So that friendly fire I mentioned earlier actually plays a big part.

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Join another game through the matchmaking system. Achievement the helldivers new Achievement why wasnt this standard

Just think about that name for a second. This is the Earth presented by Helldivers , a sci-fi twin stick shooter created by Arrowhead Game Studios, and it is here to bring Managed Democracy to every other civilization in the galaxy, whether they want it or not. What is Managed Democracy? Well, in the Helldivers future, the act of voting has been distilled down to a test administered by computer, at which point, your answers are tallied and your votes are essentially cast for the rest of your life.

It’s an easy system that takes the thought out of public service, and if you listen to the wonderful Starship Troopers -esque propaganda trailer that plays as an introduction, easy, thoughtless service is exactly what Super Earth needs. As the government would have its citizens believe, Super Earth is at the center of a galaxy spanning war with three fronts. The second is an advanced culture called the Illuminates, and the third is a breakaway faction of humans who believe that the Super Earth government has brainwashed its citizenry perish the thought!

Super Earth’s answer to the threats at their cosmic doorstep is the Helldiver, an elite space marine equipped with an arsenal of heavy weaponry and a variety of stylish capes befitting any occasion. While it’s possible for a Helldiver to work solo, they are at their best in groups of four, each of them wreaking havoc and tearing ass across a distant planet.


Do you have what it takes to become the elite of the elite? Do you constantly yearn to get more out of your life and make a difference? Are you seeking adventure, excitement and fulfillment that span the galaxy? In that case, Arrowhead Game Studios urges you to take a step forward and march with the Helldivers , to spread Democracy across the universe, one bullet at a time.

Helldivers). submitted 5 years ago by Mr4Hands to Helldivers But we are all able to join matchmaking. Anybody else experienced this issue? Anyone got a.

Eager to play anything on the then-unreleased system, I picked up Helldivers and very quickly had my character die. When you log into Helldivers for the first time, a propaganda video channeling a Starship Troopers vibe, explains that the home of humanity, Super Earth, is a place of freedom and democracy. But these rights come at a price. Super Earth is under attack from three converging armies, all located in a different star system.

The only way to defend humanity and its heroic ideals is by joining the Helldivers. Helldivers immediately gets you involved in the war effort with a quick training sequence, then throws you into the fray with your own, personalized character. You begin every mission aboard a starship with the opportunity to customize your character with various options offered.

You can change your uniform as you unlock different kinds of camouflage and switch your gender, but not much else. Players can choose their main weapon, a special ability, and a series of utility items called Stratagems.


Play at least once on a desert, a forest, and a snow planet. While in melee range from a Cyborg Warlord , use the “NO” communication command. Complete a difficulty 4 or higher mission in 5 minutes or less. Take part in a successful defense of a capital city by completing at least one mission.

I’ve been having connection issues too. As Happy said, it’s mostly game-related. Issues get fixed randomly:(You would just need to keep trying.

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GitHub is home to over 50 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Have a question about this project? Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. Already on GitHub? Sign in to your account. I try to start some games Conan Exiles, Mu legends but i recognize that it not working, because the game can not able to connect to the internet.

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Is anyone else having trouble connecting to other games? I’ve been playing for a little while and I’m only level 3, I’ve only been able to get into 1 MP game so far, and only had someone join my game once even though I use the SOS beacon every mission. To start off with I thought that I was just staring at the server list for too long and the games were filling up, but after a while I realised that the games I was trying to connect to weren’t getting filled up at all.

I usually get one of two messages, either something about the teleporter failing to boot, or another about there being no connection to the other players ship. I’ve probably tried to connect to about games slowly inbetween solo missions with no luck. I’m in Australia and playing on PS4. I’ve mainly had the problem when trying to connect to players from my friends list. Hopefully it’s something that they are working on. I just managed to get into a game and we finished a mission, but then I got disconnected as we moved into the next round.

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